How To Get Started With Cornhole

Cornhole is one of the fastest, easiest, and most fun ways to get instant community, connect with an amazing "instant family" and play the most fun game out there. 

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Cornhole provides you with the best community you never knew you needed. People from all different walks of lives come together to play this game and become your instant family. Find leagues in every city around the US so you always have a "home" no matter where you go.


Cornhole is a rare sport that allows you to talk, connect, and get to know the people you're playing with, as you're playing. It's great for making new friends and connecting with your loved ones. It has helped marriages, teens, and families connect better.


Looking for something fun to do on a weekend or weekday night? Do you love competing and challenging yourself? Cornhole is a sport that you can excel in fairly quickly if you put some time into learning a few techniques. Plus the cornhole community is quick to help you get better.

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Everyone starts out at the same place, barely hitting the board, intimidated by all the elite players, and terrified to walk into tournament play. Let us help you through the process.

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